HayleyWorld: the story of a nice man

He saved William Blake’s life.

He was the first person to publish any of Dante’s writing in English translation.

Emma, Lady Hamilton credited his best-selling self-help book – The Triumphs of Temper – with her marriage to Sir William.

Meet William Hayley, poet, essayist, amateur doctor and all-round 18th-century Man of Feeling, whose life-story reads like a rollicking soap opera. Bursting with celebrities, poetry and reckless riding accidents, HayleyWorld is a book for anyone who loves a good yarn.It's a great story and, I would claim, an important one

From the time when, as a child, he accidentally stabbed himself while reciting a scene from Othello, to his final years languishing cheerily in the house he built just outside Bognor “not to live in, but to die in”, William Hayley lived like a character in a novel. Passionate friendships, impetuous proposals, death and madness, professional successes and humiliations chequer the life of the man proud to have “received from nature the happy propensity of building new castles in the air, as rapidly as he beheld one structure of that kind in ruins…”

Also, his wife wouldn’t have sex with him.

And, together with the brilliant people at Contentment, I'm working on a digital version of this biography that will enable you to get to know WIlliam Hayley as if you were meeting him in real life. Almost…

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